IT Security Asia | Cybersecurity & Data Protection
ASIA 2019

Cybersecurity threats seem to evolve as fast as technology does. Small to large businesses are embracing digital transformation, but this shift comes with the risk of cyber attacks: data breaches, DoS attacks, phishing, malware, etc. — threats that not even global brands are immune to. The security of your digital services and your customers’ privacy is in your hands; how will you keep them safe?


Learn what the best cybersecurity investments are this year and hear what other leaders and experts have to say at the IT Security Asia 2019. Leading these roundtable sessions are experts on IoT Security, Data Protection & Privacy, Cloud Security, Fraud Detection, and Security Operations Center.


Engage with fellow director-level executives and higher in an informal and exclusive setting behind closed doors. Raise questions, share insights, and be heard — get more than what traditional conferences and summits have to offer.

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November 07, 2019
Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila, Philippines